Feed You Well specializes in nutritious meals for school age children attending private and charter schools in the Los Angeles area, as well as catering for weddings and other special events. We take great pride in providing quality meals made with local ingredients at reasonable prices. Every effort at Feed You Well, including an entire ServSafe Certified team and USDA approved methods, is aimed at keeping meals healthy and customers happy.

Key Points:

-Our main concern is to treat and feed your children well, this is the basis of the reason of the creation of our company.
-We want to take a different approach to children’s meals by adding a twist of art, bringing more colorful and creative dishes that are healthy, scrumptious and eye pleasing.
-Our tools are following the U.S.D.A food pattern (AA National guide for children’s food provided by the state of California) and a food analysis program.
-Feed You Well is proud to say all team members are Serve Safe Certified.

Feed You Well’s main motivation is the well-being and happiness of our customer. Feed You Well aims to deliver the highest quality of food
– locally grown and farm-raised product
– while adhering to the utmost safety standards and providing the best customer service. Feed You Well recognizes the importance of building healthy habits early, and reaping those benefits later in life. Our nutritious school meals provide a foundation for children, and our catering services continue those habits into adulthood.

We see our company bringing great benefits to your children.

Providing the best quality of produce (farm raised, local growers, fresh daily).
Influencing children to have healthy eating habits.
Impressing our clients with both tasty and healthy food.
Insuring safety from preparation to serving.
Seeing that the children are properly nourished (key point).
Guaranteed satisfaction with delivery time and temperatures of food upon delivery.


Benefits, Quality and Value by Doing Business with Feed You Well

Feed You Well has established and maintained their leadership position by using only fresh, locally sourced meats, produce and ingredients, and providing the highest quality brand-name milk and juices. The company has maintained a spotless record of delivering meals to Los Angeles charter schools fresh, on-time, at the right temperature, and in a professional manner….and is especially proud of never having received health department violations or complaints from schools or parents.

Feed You Well truly prides itself on going far above and beyond the expectations of their customers in all areas, standing far above the quality or service of any competitors:

Providing more desirable menu items, which are rotated frequently, is done sincerely for the children’s enjoyment and satisfaction, although it’s far above what is required.
Providing 100% certified ingredients and higher quality brand name milk and juice is done out of genuine concern for the children, although it’s far above what is required.
Maintaining a perfect safety record, insuring that each and every staff member is certified by Serve Safe, maintaining a spotless on-time and right-temperature record, and earning the sincere respect and admiration of the schools, parents and children is done out of professionalism and pride in our company’s leadership position.
That kind of quality, performance and track record usually comes with a significant cost premium, which is certainly worth accommodating where the safety and welfare of our children is concerned.

100% Certified

All our food suppliers are strictly regulated to insure the best quality of food.

Safety Record

We have been accident free since we were funded.

Dept Compliant

We hire outside help so as to constantly monitor and train our personnel on food safety.

Premium Produce

We do control quality of all produce we buy. We strive to use local sources for all  our produce needs.


The facts don’t lie. At Feed You Well, we go above and beyond to procure the freshest ingredients and healthiest options. That means MSG-free, non-processed food, fruits and veggies, dressings, and even the oil we use. Plus, all of our locally sourced meats are baked, steamed, and grilled (never fried!) and are 95% lean. And, of course, we can’t forget the importance of dairy and bread – low-fat Alta Dena milk, natural Juicy Juice, and low-fat yogurt keep the children smiling, as does the whole grain, homemade bread.

There are many vendors that are competing to serve you. Most of the ones we know do not meet the requirements that are asked by the state or even by schools’ policies.

· Health Standards

· Food Rotation

· Punctuality

· Temperature Control

· Customer Satisfaction

· Creative Menus


Phone: (323)928-2882

Feed You Well, Inc.
3070 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039


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